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  • Whitchurch-S...
  • 2022
Project Summary
Project Name: 9th and Main
Project Status : Pre-Const ...
Occupancy Date : 2022
Condo Type : Low Rise
Building Size : 8
Number Of Units : 212
City : Whitchurch-Stouffville
BuilderName : Pemberton Group
Neighborhood : Stouffville

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Pre-construction Under-construction Completed

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Hazelton Developments  |  Elgin East by Sequoia Grove Homes  |  ERA at Yonge Condos by Pemberton Group  |  INDE Condos by Menkes Developments Ltd  |  Express Condos by Malibu Investments Inc  |  357 King West Condos by Great Gulf Homes  |  Saisons II Condos by Concord Adex  |  The Prestige Condos by Pinnacle International  |  Riverside Square 5 Condos by Streetcar Developments  |  Dor Condos by Cityzen Group and Fernbrook Homes  |  Markham Square 2 by Ideal and ONEPIECE  |  Guildwood Condos by Hazelton Developments  |  4800 Yonge Condos by Menkes Developments  |  Lakevu Condos by JD Development Group  |  Bower Condos on The Preserve by Mattamy Homes  |  Nord West Condos by Cortel Group  |  Lakeside Condos by Greenland Group  |  Social condos by Pemberton Group  |  The Kip District II Condos by Concert  |  The Diamond Condos by Diamante Development  |  M City by Urban Capital and Rogers Development  |  One Yonge Condos by Pinnacle International  |  East 55 Condos by Lamb and Hyde Park and Fortress  |  Southport Square Condos by State Building Group  |  Nautique Lakefront by Adi Development Group  |  Amber Condos by Pinnacle International  |  Valhalla Condos by Edilcan Development Corporation  |  Kingly Condos by Allied Properties and RioCan  |  Auberge On The Park by Tridel and Rowntree  |  Kingsway Condos by Urban Capital and Northam  |  Harris Square Condos by Urban Capital Property  |  Mississauga Square Condos by Plaza  |  Saisons Condos by Concord Adex  |  E2 Condos by Metropia and Capital Developments  |  33 Yorkville Condos by Cresford Development  |  The Charles at Church Condos by Aspen Ridge Homes  |  Water Edge at the Cove by The Conservatory Group  |  Avia at Parkside Village Condos by Amacon  |  Symphony Condos by Inzola Group  |  Edge Towers by Solmar Development Corp  |  Peter and Adelaide Condos by Graywood Developments  |  One Forest Hill Condos by North Drive  |  Eight Forty Condos by Worsley Urban  |  Perla Towers by Pinnacle International  |  ZEN King West Condos by CentreCourt Developments  |  Bauhaus Condos by Lamb Development and Fortress  |  Oak and Co Condos by Cortel Group  |  Museum FLTS Condos by Castlepoint Numa and Numa  |  Cypress at Pinnacle Etobicoke Condos by Pinnacle  |  The Roncy Condos by Worsley Urban  |  Wesley Tower by The Daniels Corporation  |  Television City by Lamb Development and Movengo  |  B-Line Condos by Royalpark Homes  |  609 Avenue Condos by State Building and Madison  |  Indigo Condos by Pemberton Group  |  Scoop Condos by Graywood Developments Ltd  |  West Condos by Aspen Ridge Homes  |  DuEast Condos by The Daniels Corporation  |  The Point at Emerald City Condos by Elad Canada  |  Platform Condos by Sierra Building Group  |  Queensway Park by Urban Capital and RoseWater  |  Trinity Ravine Condos by Global Kingdom Ministries  |  7 On The Park Condos by iKORE Developments Ltd  |  SF3 Condos by Chestnut Hill Developments  |  Avenue 151 Yorkville Condos by Dash Developments  |  Plaza Midtown Condos by Plaza  |  Avro Condos by Davpart  |  Bianca Condos by Tridel  |  Nobu Residences by Madison Group  |  Artists' Alley Condos by Lanterra Developments  |  SuperSonic Condos by Lindvest  |  Canada House Condos by Concord Adex  |  Panda Condos by Lifetime Developments  |  Fleur Condos by Menkes Developments Ltd  |  Vita Two Condos by Mattamy Homes and Biddington  |  Transit City Condos by CentreCourt Developments  |  Westwood Gardens by Collecdev  |  Nola Condos by FRAM Building and Slokker Group  |  Affinity Condos by Rosehaven Homes  |  Paradigm East Condos by Molinaro Group  |  Mirabella Condos by Diamante Development  |  Bloor Promenade Condos by Tridel  |  Islington Terrace Condos by Tridel  |  The Bluffs Condos by Skale Developments  |  YongeParc Condos by Pemberton Group  |  M City Condos by Urban Capital and Rogers  |  Nord East Condos at Expo City by Cortel Group  |  Wish Condos by Liberty Development Corporation  |  Time and Space Condos by Pemberton Group  |  The Plant Condos by Curated and Windmill  |  Lake and East Condos by Fortress and Engine  |  Lighthouse East Tower by The Daniels Corporation  |  Vita on the Lake Condos by Mattamy and Biddington  |  EV Royale Condos by YYZed and Nurreal Capital  |  Seasons Condos Phase 2 by Concord Adex  |  Liberty Central Condos Phase 2 by CanAlfa Group  |  Sage Prestige Condos by IN8 Developments  |  The Icona Condos by The Gupta and Easton's Group  |  Ivy Condos by The Sher Corporation and Dream  |  Via Bloor Condos by Tridel  |  Mills Square Condos by Pemberton Group  |  One Bloor West Condos by Mizrahi Developments  |  Canvas Condos by Marlin Spring Developments  |  159 SW Condos by Alterra  |  St Lawrence Condos by Fernbrook and Cityzen Group  |  Aquabella Condos by Tridel and Hines  |  8 Cumberland by Great Gulf Homes and Phantom  |  Home Condos by Great Gulf Homes and Hullmark  |  Selene Condos by Tridel Corporation  |  MAX Condos by Tribute Communities  |  75 On The Esplanade by Carttera and Harhay  |  Seasons Condos by Concord Adex  |  Vivo Condos by FRAM Building Group  |  The Wyatt Condos by The Daniels Corporation  |  Joy Condos by Gemterra Developments Corporation  |  SweetLife Condos by Your Home Developments  |  The West Condominiums at Stationwest by Adi Group  |  AXIS Condos by CentreCourt Developments  |  Grande Mirage Condos by The Conservatory Group  |  AYC Condos by Metropia and Diamondcorp  |  Park Avenue Place Condos by Solmar Development  |  Charisma Condos by Greenpark  |  Halo Residences on Yonge by Cresford Developments  |  URL Condos by E Squared Developments  |  Bloorvista at Islington Terrace Condos by Tridel  |  SIX25BV Condos by Haven Developments  |  Rodeo Drive Condos by Lanterra Developments  |  Empire Midtown Condos by Empire Communities  |  The Kennedys Condos by Samm Developments  |  The Park Club Condos by ELAD Canada  |  The Vanguard Condos by Devron Developments  |  YSL Residences by Cresford Developments  |  York Condos by The Remington Group  |  875 Queen East Condos by Harhay Developments  |  Parfait At Atria Condos by Tridel Corporation  |  Sail Condos by Opearl Developments  |  88 North Condos by St. Thomas Developments Inc  |  Eighty One Wellesley Condos by Aragon Properties  |  The Rocket Condos by Metropia  |  Cocoon Condos by Castleridge Homes  |  Cosmos Condos by Liberty Development Corporation  |  The Bennett on Bayview by First Avenue and Latch  |  Fortune Condos by Onni Group of Companies  |  Arc Condos by The Daniels Corporation  |  330 Richmond Condos by Greenpark  |  Whitehaus Condos by Lifetime and Knightstone  |  Bside Minto Westside Condos by Minto  |  The Lanes Condos by By Edzar Group of Companies  |  The Met Condos by Plazacorp  |  158 Front Condos by Fernbrook and Cityzen Group  |  SQ2 Condos by Tridel  |  Heartwood the Beach Condos by Fieldgate Urban  |  Fifth on the Park Condos by ELAD Canada  |  Sonic Condos by Lindvest Properties  |  The Step Condos by Terranata Developments  |  150 Redpath Condos by Freed and CD Capital  |  Pier 27 Condos by Cityzen Group and Fernbrook  |  Picnic Condos by North Drive  |  The High Park Condos by North Drive  |  River City 3 Condos by Urban Capital  |  Danforth Square Condos by Time Development Group  |  The Bean Condos by Royalpark Homes  |  The Clover on Yonge Condo by Cresford Developments  |  Connect Condos by FRAM Building Group  |  Grid Condos by CentreCourt Developments  |  Stanley Condos by Tribute Communities  |  East United by SigNature - Andiel - Berkshire Axis  |  On The Danforth Condo by DIAM Developments  |  609 Sherbourne St. Condo by Lanterra Developments  |  The Jack Condo by Aspen Ridge Homes  |  The Clairington Condo by Castleridge Homes  |  LNX Condos by Lormel Homes  |  Daniels Waterfront Condo by Daniels Corporation  |  The Bartholomew Condo by The Daniels Corporation  |  Tea Garden Condo by Phantom Developments  |  The Ravine Condo by Urban Capital and ALIT  |  Beacon Condo by Sorbara Development Group  |  Park Avenue Place Condo by Solmar Development Corp  |  Avani 2 At Metrogate Condo by Tridel  |  Art Shoppe Condo by Freed and CD Capital Developments  |  The Rosedale on Bloor Condo by Easton Group of Hotels  |  Citylights on Broadway Condo by Pemberton Group  |  Blue Diamond Condo by Camrost Felcorp  |  Aquavista at Bayside Condo by Tridel and Hines  |  Lotus Condo by Chestnut Hill and Fortress  |  Zigg Condo by Madison and Fieldgate  |  Teahouse Condo by Lanterra Developments  |  5959 Yonge St Condo by Ghods Builders  |  Minto Yorkville Park Condo by Minto  |  The Selby Condo by Diamondcorp & Cityzen & Fernbrook Homes  |  Riverside Square Condo by Streetcar Developments  |  University Suites Condo by Brookfield Multiplex and PRK  |  The Eglinton Condo by Menkes Developments  |  The Yorkdale Condo by Context and Metropia Urban Landscapes  |  Bristol Condo by ByNew Era and YYZed  |  Forward Condo by Concord Adex  |  87 Peter Condos by Menkes Developments  |  Soul Condos by Fram Building Group  |  Minto WestSide Condos by Minto Group  |  Wellesley On The Park Condos by Lanterra  |  50 at Wellesley Condos by Plazacorp  |  Alter Condos by Tridel  |  The Code Condo by Lifetime and BLVD  |  The Cumberland Condo by Camrost-Felcorp  |  The Taylor Condo by Streetcar Developments  |  VOX Condo by Cresford Developments  |  The Academy Condo by LeMine Investments and Devron Developments  |  Totem Condo by Worsley Urban Partners  |  Dundas Square Gardens by Easton Group of Hotels  |  YC (Yonge at College) Condo by Canderel Stoneridge  |  Core Condo by CentreCourt Developments  |  Smart House Condo by Urban Capital and Malibu  |  Downtown Erin Mills Condo by Pemberton Group  |  HOT Condo by Great Gulf Homes  |  Gordon Woods Condo by Edenshaw Homes  |  Pinnacle Grand Park II Condo by Pinnacle International  |  PSV 2 at Parkside Village Condo by Amacon  |  1 Yorkville Condo by Bazis International and Plazacorp  |  SQ Condo by Tridel Corporation  |  On the Go Mimico Condo by Stanton Renaissance and YYZed  |  Garrison Point Condo by Diamondcorp and Cityzen and Fernbrook  |  Sage 6 Condo by IN8 Developments  |  Solstice Conodo by HIP Developments  |  Eau Du Soleil 2 Condo by Empire Communities  |  The Dragon Condo by Ideal Developments  |  181 Davenport Condo by Mizrahi Khalili Developments  |  1 York Condo by Menkes Developments  |  Aqualina at Bayside Condo by Tridel and Hines  |  2221 Yonge Condo by Tower Hill Development Corporation  |  383 Sorauren Condos by Gairloch and Centrestone  |  HighPark Condominiums by Daniels Corporation  |  Axiom Condos by Greenpark Homes and Fieldgate Homes  |  The Station Condos by Brandy Lane Homes  |  The Mark Condos by Empire Communities  |  The College Condo by Tribute Communities  |  Quartz Condos by Concord Adex  |  Beach Hill Residences by Carlyle Communities  |  The Randall Residence by Rosehaven Homes  |  Sage II Condo by IN8 Developments  |  Harbour Plaza Residences by Menkes Developments and Oxford  |  155 Redpath Condo by Freed Dev and CD Capital Partners  |  The Epicurean Condo by Monarch  |  Casa 3 Condos by Cresford Developments  |  Eleven Superior Condos by Davies Smith Developments  |  Yonge- Rich Condo by Great Gulf Homes  |  TRIO at Atria by Tridel  |  FAD Condos by Triwin International Developments  |  King Blue Condos by Easton's Group of Hotels  |  Sixty Colborne Condo by Freed Developments  |  The Britt Condo by Lanterra Developments  |  Canary District Condos by Waterfront toronto and Dundee Kilmer  |  101 Erskine Condos by Tridel and Beaux Properties  |  E Condos by Bazis Inc. & Metropia Urban Landscapes & RioCan  |  Ruby Condo by The Conservatory Group  |  159 Wellesley Street Condo by Diamondcorp and Kilmer Brownfield Equity Fund L.P.  |  Xpression II Condo on Yonge by Zancor Homes  |  129 St.Clair Avenu West Condo by Diamondcorp  |  Crystal at Pinnacle Uptown Condo by Pinnacle International  |  Xpression Condos on Yonge by Zancor Homes  |  Noir Condos by Menkes Developments  |  Pearl 2 Condos by The Conservatory Group  |  The Essential Condos by Emery Condominiums  |  Flo Condos by Devron Developments  |  The Carnaby Lofts by Streetcar Development and Dundee Realty  |  Tao Condos on Bayview by SigNature Communities  |  109 OZ Condo by Reserve Properties  |  ALTO Condo by Tridel Corporation-  |  Massey Tower Condo by MOD Developments  |  42 Charles Condo by Cresford Developments  |  Local At Fort York by Onni Group  |  Abacus Lofts by DAZ  |  SkyCity Condos by Pemberton Group  |  INDX Condos by Lifetime and CentreCourt Developments  |  501 Yonge Condo by Lanterra Developments  |  Life Condos by Chestnut Hills Homes  |  Fabrik Condos by Menkes Developments Ltd  |  Grand Palace Condos by Guizzetti Developments Inc  |  Minto 30 ROE Condo by Minto Group Inc.  |  Ten York Condos by Tridel Corporation  |  88 Scott Condos by Concert Properties  |  Indigo Bay Condo by Preston Homes  |  7777 Weston Road Condo by Liberty Development Corporation  |  1331 Yonge Street Condo by Aspen Ridge Homes  |  The Perry Condos by Mansouri Group  |  The Remington Centre by The Remington Group  |  30 Ordance Condo by Diamondcorp and ONE Development  |  Nero Condo and Loft by Tofni Developments  |  The Hill Condo by BSaR Group of Companies  |  1000 Bay Street Condo by Cresford Developments  |  Rise Condo by Reserve Properties  |  365 Church Condo by Menkes Developments Ltd  |  Mirage Condo by The Conservatory Group  |  The Brant Park Condo by Lamb Development Corp  |  ALTO Condo by Tridel  |  The Carlaw Condo by Street Car Development  |  Spectra by Concord Adex  |  The Bond Condo by Lifetime Development  |  Ion Condo by Cityzen Development and Fernbrook  |  Pears on the Avenue Condo by Menkes Developments  |  Avani At Metrogate Condo by Tridel  |  Rain Condo Phase 2 by Empire Communities  |  IVORY Condo on Adelaide by Plaza Corp  |  River City Condo 2 by Urban Capital and Waterfront  |  The Yorkville Condo by Lifetime Developments  |  Yorkville Plaza by Camrost-Felcorp  |  U Condo Phase 2 by Pemberton  |  Studio Condo Phase 2 by Aspen Ridge Homes  |  Studio Condo Phase 1 by Aspen Ridge Homes  |  Rain Condo Phase 1 by Empire Communities  |  Pace Condo by Great Gulf Homes  |  One Bloor Condo by Great Gulf Homes  |  Neon Condo by Pemberton and Camrost-Felcorp  |  MYC Condo by Cresford Development  |  Liberty Central Condo by CanAlfa Group  |  King Charlotte Condo by Lamb and Niche  |  Imperial Plaza Condo by Camrost-Felcorp  |  Garrison at Fort York Condo by Onni Group  |  Fuse Condos and Lofts by Neudorfer  |  The Madison Condo West Tower by Madison Developments  |  Exhibit Condo by Plazacorp and Metropia and Bazis  |  3018 Yonge Condo by Lanterra Developments  |  EXPO City Condo by The The Cortel Group  | 
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